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My life as "Coco Masuda"


Hello. My name is Coco Masuda.

After graduating from high school in Tokyo, I was sent to Vermont by my father to study English in 1979. But the following year, I moved to New York City, the only place in the US where I thought I could be happy. Though I lived in Boston for a year and had a vacation home in Hawaii, I called New York City my home for most of my adult life. 

On this site, I have been writing a blog for the Japanese audience about:

• information about New York City

• information about Upstate NY 

• my life as a female, senior business owner, and a creative

• my life as a single mother of an adopted college-age daughter

• love and dating scene as a woman over 60

• tips about learning and improving English

• everything else that happens in my life

I am starting to translate what I wrote in Japanese into English. So, please come back and check.


The blog's title was coined by a dear friend who thinks my life is unique. I don't know about that, but I know I am a sharer. You can also follow me at: 

Medium: @cocomasuda

Instagram: @cocomasuda

Facebook: @cocomasuda

Who is Coco Masuda?

You can jump to the short profile

Or you can read the extended profile.



Blog post list

Business Owner, Consultant,

Illustrator, Portrait Painter, 

Curator, Web Designer, 

Translator, Blogger, and Writer.

And a single mother who still has

love life and many hobbies.

She is a Japanese New Yorker

who is proudly senior

Short Profile


Businesses of Coco Masuda

Managing CoCollaborations, LLC 

Business and Creative Agency


Based in ​New York City but operates globally, it is a creative studio/business service agency. Technology forward, yet loving traditional media, we curate the right talents and collaborators for each project. 

We offer: 

Website Design, Graphic Design, 

Branding, Copywriting,

Marketing, Curation, 

Reporting, and Language Services.

Coco Masuda Studio

My own illustration and painting


Besides working as a commercial illustrator,

I create decorative art

and paint portraits by commission. 

Originals, posters, and prints by Coco Masuda are sold at the site. 

For any inquiry, please use this form or send an email to

I tried to reply within 24 hours. 

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